External Critical Content

Here is an incomplete list of content critical of Tim Pool from elsewhere around the internet.

Note: I do not endorse all the views or opinions expressed in the examples below and the content is of varying quality. This is not a definitive ‘Tim Pool takedown’ or anything like that, it’s just a list of examples of people who have been critical of Pool – there are some hidden gems in there though.



Reactionary Reading with Tim Pool

Diving Into the Shallow End, My Week With Tim Pool (Part 1)

Diving Into the Shallow End, My Week With Tim Pool’s Content (Part 2)

How Protesters Hit By Drivers Are Vilified



Tim Pool & Other Conservatives are LAUGHING at Ahmaud Arbery

Is the Military Going FAR LEFT? Or is Tim Pool Going FULL CONSPIRACY NUT?



The Serfs

How Tim Pool learned to stop worrying (and love the wall)

Tim Pool reveals his SECRET to success (it will shock you)

Tim Pool DESTROYED by Thought Slime x The Serfs (dating epic fail)

Tim Pool’s solar flare CONSPIRACY THEORY (I think?) (Ft:Thought Slime)

Tim Pool 3: Comrade Britneys Revenge (Thought Slime x The Serfs takedown)

Tim Pool Thinks Kanye West Is Jesus



Tim Pool Doesn’t Understand Satire by Jangles ScienceLad

Tim Pool is a Republican Tool! – Destiny Reacts by Destiny

Tim Pool keeps saying there will be Civil War by Whole She’Bang

Hats off to Tim Pool! by Thought Slime

Is Tim Pool Right Wing? – by Fist Shaker

Tim Pool’s strawman argument against socialism by DemocraticSocialist01


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The entire twitter feed of @TimPoolClips.

A great twitter thread by @socioEqualiser which highlights several clear examples of Tim Pool getting stuff wrong, lying, and misleading his audience.

This tweet by @VicBergerIV which humorously highlights Tim Pool’s boasts about his dating game.

[More tweets will be added soon, please send me other good tweets to add]

Long-Form Criticism

RationalWiki has produced an excellent introductory article about Tim Pool.

Tim Pool Clips podcast appearance on Jared Holt’s Sh!tpost podcast.

A podcast episode on Matt Binders ‘Doomed’ podcast which takes “a look at his history, Pool’s far right and alt-right ties, and debunk Rogan and Pool’s arguments.”

An article from the Seventh Degree debunking Tim Pool’s narratives on #MeToo.

An article by Media Matters which debunks a couple of Tim Pools assertions.

An article by the journalist J.J Patrick which offers an excellent counter-narrative to some of Tim Pool’s content related to his 2017 Sweden trip. The whole series shows how real journalism should be done as compared to Tim Pools brand of bullshit parachute journalism. Other articles in this excellent series (which don’t focus specifically on Pool) can be found here, here, here, here, here, and here.)

This Unicorn Riot leak of Tim Pool’s former Discord server may offer some interesting information.

Feel free to send me suggestions for other great examples of any content about Tim by contacting us through the contact form on our site or DMing me on twitter @TimPoolClips.