Principles and Rules

Want to know the key rules and principles governing this website and forum? Well, then you’ve come to the right place.

Rules / Core principles

  1. Remember the human; in ourselves, in the supporters duped by grifters, and even in the grifters themselves.
  2. On this website hate-speech, attacks based on people’s appearance, race, sexuality, gender identity (or lack thereof), religion, disability, etc are not welcome and will be harshly dealt with.
  3. Excessive name-calling between members on the site will not be tolerated.
  4. Free speech and transparency are key in politics however this site is not a public square and although any comments made in the forum are the ultimate responsibility of the commentator we can and will tell you to shut up if you’re a prick.
  5. Whining about being “censored” by this site if your comment is removed or you are banned will result in a permanent ban. You have not been censored. You have been asked to move along. (You may of course still complain in other ways).
  6. No rule lawyering. I get the final say on how to interpret the rules.
  7. Idk just be chill guys.