Tim Pool Spreads COVID Misinformation Behind a Paywall.

Image of Tim Pool, Luke Rudkowski, and Ian Crossland

In a series of members-only videos, Tim Pool and his Timcast IRL podcast cohosts downplayed the risks of COVID-19 and repeated several misleading and long-debunked conspiracies and talking points about the disease. Though never rising to the level of outright denialism, anti-mask activism, or anti-vaccine messaging, the hosts still strayed into territory heavily frequented by … Read more

Top Rightwing Youtubers

Summary We compared the view counts of over 50 rightwing Youtubers and found that across his three channels, Tim Pool dominates the field, having received over 102 million views over the past month. He beats out Steven Crowder, his closest competitor, by more than 50 million views. Tim Pool’s lead in views is so substantial … Read more

Welcome to Grftr!

Hi! Welcome to Grftr. We are a new start-up bran…. nah lmao despite our name we’re definitely not some weird new tech start-up. I’m just a dude who got tired of Tim Pool’s constant barrage of terrible content and wanted to do something about it. There are lots of excellent accounts on Youtube, left twitter, … Read more