Welcome to Grftr!

Hi! Welcome to Grftr.

We are a new start-up bran…. nah lmao despite our name we’re definitely not some weird new tech start-up. I’m just a dude who got tired of Tim Pool’s constant barrage of terrible content and wanted to do something about it.

There are lots of excellent accounts on Youtube, left twitter, and random blogs scattered around the internet who have done some great work debunking, criticising, or making fun of online grifters but so far I don’t believe there is a single source which consistently and exclusively focuses on Tim Pool. And the RationalWiki article about Tim Pool which gives the best introductory overview of Pool is impressive but also very lacking. I want to help chance both these things.

I hope to help change these things. Together with your help, I want us to make this site into a resource to help combat grifters who are endangering our political processes, families, health, and safety starting with Tim Pool.

Why Tim?

According to our research, Tim Pool appears to be the most viewed rightwing Youtuber. Although established rightwing brands such as Fox News still beat him on view counts he absolutely dominates his competition in the alternative media sphere beating out the likes of Ben Shapiro, Prager U, Steven Crowder and more by tens of millions of monthly views. Pool also makes thousands of dollars from his daily live streams and channel sponsors – not to mention any advertising revenue he makes from adverts on his videos.

In July 2019 Tim Pool was invited to visit the White House by Donald Trump and Pool has also quizzed Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast – the biggest podcast in the world. Despite all this Pool has received little critical attention. We hope to change this and aim to bring you hard-hitting criticism, debunkings, and discussions about Pool, his work, and his influence.

What are my goals?

Well, firstly they’re not my goals. Ok yeah, technically they are mine right now but I hope they become yours too! I want this website to be collaboration (because I’m too busy and um…. lazy to do this by myself) between all those who are critical of Tim Pool.

As a result, I aim to provide a platform which has two key roles: dissemination of useful material and fostering community. On the first front, I hope for us to collaboratively create a list of resources helping to combat grifters and help convert their fans. These resources could include exposé’s, debunkings, criticism, dunks, etc.. little is off-limits. I also aim to produce and perhaps eventually commission original reporting and analysis. Part of this websites efforts will involve creating ‘fact sheets’ about selected grifters and links to external content debunking, criticising, or dunking on them – starting with Tim Pool.

On the second front, I have created a forum to help bring people together to discuss grifters, their supporters, and the harm they’re both causing. I also envisage that people will be able to promote their content and help reach new audiences on there too. Right now there are only three forums while I start to understand how this all works. I have no experience with any of this so please be patient.

How can I help?

You need no previous experience with… well anything but if you’re a journalist, content producer, expert in a specific field, techy person, editor (of any medium), podcaster etc… we’d be delighted to chat with you – particularly if you are planning on producing content about Tim Pool or if you know him personally

We are still in the very early stages of this process and will definitely experience teething problems so please be gentle and forgiving.

You can get in touch either via DMing us on twitter @TimPoolClips or contacting us via the contact form on our site.

If you want to help this site financially you can donate to our Patreon: Patreon.com/TimPoolClips

Ok that’s enough for now. Go get yourself a glass of water. Oh also check out our forum(s) and our list of Tim Pool critiques from external sources.

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  1. Damn, this couldn’t have come at a better moment. It’s about time someone actually broke down this rise of right-wing youtube grifters. Beanie boi especially.


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