Exclusive: Massive Analysis Exposes Tim Pool’s Biased News Diet


According to our analysis of over 330 videos, Tim Pool heavily relies on sources which favor the right. 59% of the sources he used over a two month period had a pro-rightwing bias, while sources biased towards the left, and least biased sources made up 31% and 10% of his sources respectively.

Pool’s top five sources were: Daily Mail (used 96 times), Fox News (used 36 times), The New York Times (used 30 times), Andy Ngo tweets (used 26 times), and the New York Post (used 24 times).

Tim Pool did not use a single extreme left publication as source despite having used over 800 sources across those 330+ videos. Meanwhile, extreme rightwing sources made up 5% of the sources used with Breitbart being Pool’s joint 6th most used source.


Tim Pool is a prolific content creator. Every day he releases approximately four hours of footage across his three Youtube channels. Keeping up with all his videos and their content is near impossible. As a result trends in his content can be hard to track. Against the advice of several medical professionals, we decided to watch over 300 of Pool’s videos to track which sources he used between June 25th and August 31st 2020.

Pool’s three active Youtube accounts are named Tim Pool, Timcast, and Timcast IRL. He generally releases one video per day on the first channel. The third channel features clips taken from his daily livestreams. The second channel which he uploads to five times per day was the channel considered in this analysis.


We watched every single video released on Tim Pool’s Timcast channel between June 25th and August 31st 2020 and noted the first three sources he displayed on screen. This number of sources was chosen because in the vast majority of his videos he uses 1 – 3 sources. We estimate that fewer than 5% of his videos feature more than 3 sources.

The bias of each source was determined using the data from the mediabiasfactcheck.com (MBFC) website to ensure an independent standard. The MBFC bias scale runs from “extreme left” to “extreme right” bias with “least biased” in the center of the scale. Bias ratings from MBFC were compared with the bias assigned by other similar services such as AllSides.com. Results were found to be largely consistent however MBFC was chosen as it had a more subdivided scale.

When Tim Pool cited a tweet by a journalist we would assign the bias of that journalist’s primary employer to them for the purposes of our analysis.

When a source was not listed on MBFC its bias was labelled as N/A. Most of the sources falling into this category were random tweets or articles from local news stations. Some were also what we would judge to be obscure conservative publications.

Finally, we used Microsoft Excel to add up the data and then checked these results correcting any errors we found e.g. a source’s name being misspelled or being assigned the wrong bias. We then ran the numbers again to reach the final results presented here.


During the time period being studied Tim Pool released 336 videos featuring 818 sources from 302 media organisations or social media accounts. The average number of times he used each source was 2.70 times however this result is misleading because it is pushed artificially high due to outliers such as him using the Daily Mail 96 times. The median number of times he used each source is 1 time however using this number the presence of the outliers is not reflected at all. Most of his sources were used 1 or 2 times other than his 20 most used sources which were all used at least 7 times.

59% of Pools sources were biased in favor of the right, 31% in favor of the left, and 10% fell into the “least biased” category.

Tim Pool’s 10 most used sources are displayed in the graph below (11 sources are present because there is a tie for 10th place).

Pool’s top five sources were:

Daily Mail (used 96 times)
Fox News (used 36 times)
The New York Times (used 30 times)
Andy Ngo tweets (used 26 times)
The New York Post (used 24 times)

Put another way 11.74% of Tim Pool’s total sources from June 25th to August 31st 2020 were Daily Mail articles. This contrasts with the only 10% of articles he used from “least biased” sources such as Reuters or the Associated Press.

Despite his claims of being center left Tim Pool did not use a single source from an extreme left publication in the 336 videos analysed however 5% of his sources have an extreme right bias including Breitbart which is his joint 6th most used source.

General observations

Despite his dislike and criticism of mainstream media, the vast majority of  Tim Pool’s sources came from long-established organisations. If mainstream news organisations didn’t exist Tim Pool would either not have a job or be forced to scale back his video production.

Although Pool occasionally used sources coded as ‘center left’ such as The New York Times and Washington Post he often only showed these sources so he could criticise and attack them for perceived bias. Few rightwing sources experienced the same treatment.

When Tim Pool used The Gateway Pundit as a source (as he did 6 times) it was often for articles written by his long-time friend Cassandra Fairbanks, who he attended the 2017 DeploraBall with.

Tim Pool rarely recommends any particular source however in multiple videos he has suggested his subscribers should follow Andy Ngo who has been accused of doxxing leftwing protestors and spreading misleading news about protests.


Although we assumed Tim Pool’s sources would lean right we were still surprised by his vastly disproportionate use of them. For someone who claims to be on the left he sure loves to promote the rights framing of almost every situation.

Some people may question whether relying largely on rightwing sources is an inherent predictor of being rightwing and we agree it is not. However, when a person uses sources biased in one direction they will inevitably receive and in Tim Pool’s case also promote a specific framing of situations and stories. With Pool, the effect is even more heightened as he regularly reads his viewers long tracts of the articles and adds his agreeing commentary.

When our results are taken together with Tim Pool’s frequent support of voting for Donald Trump, him labelling voting for Joe Biden as voting for the ‘suicide of America,’  him stating he would likely vote for a Republican in a generic ballot race, him donating thousands of dollars to a Republican political candidate, and his over 70 million monthly Youtube views (higher than any other independent rightwing Youtuber) it becomes hard to deny that at the very least Pool is providing significant help to right.


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An Introduction to Grifting

A Growing Problem With Political Discourse

What is a grifter?  They’re someone who sells you something they know doesn’t work.  Or, at least, they don’t care whether it works or not.  It’s the intentional lack of carefulness about the truth that determines whether someone is a grifter.  The end goal for these people is that they get paid, and if that means being less-than-honest, or even flatly dishonest, then that’s just fine by them.  No skin off their nose.

But the problem we have today with these people isn’t that they are scalping fake tickets, or getting people to invest in their pyramid scheme. The problem is that there is a growing cadre of so-called political commentators on YouTube and other social media sites accruing millions and millions of views, who are knowingly making bad-faith arguments about politics, particularly about the political left.  People like Tim Pool, Dave Rubin, Jordan Peterson, and Candace Owens are often pointed to as examples of this growing problem.

Your Crazy, Right-Wing Uncle Is Not A Grifter, But He Is A Victim Of It

We are not trying to claim that everyone saying outlandish things online is a grifter or a part of this problem.  But your conservative relatives retweeting and sharing the content of, say, Tim Pool is exactly what Tim Pool needs them to be doing. In November 2019, he was on The Hill’s Rising and described himself as “idealistically…far left.  But, realistically, like trying to actually accomplish policies that move us forward, I’m probably a moderate left”. Moderate left, huh? That sounds relatively harmless. But the problem is that he’s not telling the truth.

He’s aware that people perceive him as right-wing, and in the same interview says that his policy positions are to the left, but that he is “concerned about some of the same things as conservatives on principle grounds”. As an example, he points to the news media. According to Pool, the idea “that there’s media bias”, or “that a news organization is incentivized by profit” are ideas that conservatives are talking about and progressives are not.  Did Tim Pool forget that The Daily Show, both with Jon Stewart and Trevor Noah, has been hammering media bias regularly on mainstream television to millions of people for years? Jon Stewart publicly destroyed CNBC host Jim Cramer back in 2009 for his failures to be honest with his viewership about the state of the economy leading up to the 2008 financial collapse (and he even showed clips of Cramer explaining how one could deceive the SEC, oops).

The notion that conservatives are talking about media bias, and that the left is not, is absurd.  Maybe Pool is talking in terms of relative mentions? In that case, I would agree with him, as Trump probably calls CNN fake news once per day, while even the mouthiest progressive in Congress might call Fox News propaganda once per week. But of course, that’s not what our beanie-bro means.

He’s just lying – or doesn’t care about the truth.

Why Do You Think These People Are Lying?

Great question! It’s important to distinguish between grifters and useful idiots. A useful idiot is just that; someone who takes the grifter’s word as gospel and carries it downstream.  Without them, there’d be no pyramid schemes or MyPillows.  Every grifter needs their useful idiots.  But when a useful idiot approaches you and says, “hey, want to be a part of a great business opportunity?”, they aren’t technically grifting you because they believe what they are saying is true. They’re not a grifter, just an idiot.  Your crazy, proto-fascist uncle? He’s an idiot.

Let’s use Tim Pool again. He’s not an idiot, he’s a grifter. How can you tell?  Because he has expressed the importance of fact-checking, but we know he doesn’t care to do as much himself. Pool claims he is center-left, but he has donated to a Republican political candidate and expressed support for Republicans and Donald Trump multiple times.  He terrifies his audience with outlandish claims about the left while running defense for the right.

And the idea that conservatives care about media bias but progressives do not? Someone would need to have buried their head in the sand for nearly two decades to genuinely make that claim.  But, since Tim has been actively involved in media and journalism for years, there’s no credible explanation other than that he is knowingly misleading people.

But why do these grifters do this?

They’re Doing It For The Money And Fame

Duh. It’s what grifting’s all about! The grifters we’re concerned with are getting their funding primarily in one of two ways.  Either,  as in the case of Dave Rubin’s show, they receive funding from organizations funded by the Koch brothers and other conservative financiers, or they are funded like other independent media with small-dollar donations and merchandise sales.  Oftentimes grifters in one of these lanes will drift in and out of the other, but they are important to distinguish because it changes the motives involved.

In the first case, with conservative think tanks funding content like the Rubin Report, there is a direct incentive for Dave Rubin to appeal to the politics and sensibilities of the people writing his paychecks.  He needs to hit the marks they want him to hit.  If Dave Rubin was up there talking about his 2015 support for Bernie Sanders, he would not be getting his paychecks anymore.  But talking about black support for Trump? That’s gonna be a yes from me, dawg.  This doesn’t mean that there is a sith-like libertarian overlord waiting in the wings while Dave Rubin does his show, but he knows where the boundaries are and he is more than happy to stay well within them.

In the second case, you need to appeal to your audience.  The audience for these grifters is conservatives.  And when we’re talking about the Trump-era, being a conservative is, with few exceptions, synonymous with being a Trump supporter.  That means that the target audience for these grifters is Trump supporters.

To pick on Tim Pool, he criticizes Trump from time to time, but he recently jumped the shark and said he’s voting for Trump.  This is from someone who described himself politically from “far-left” to “moderate left”.  Pool has oriented himself in such a way that he can provide a semblance of credibility for Trump supporters to point to and say “See! He was a leftist and now he supports Trump”.  And Pool knows this.  He once tweeted that he has “an in depth understanding of social media algorithms and what drives content”.  He needs his viewer base to buy into what he’s doing, and for that to happen Tim Pool needs to buy into what his viewer base is doing, or, at least, appear to buy into it.  And these two categories overlap, Tim Pool has been a guest on The Rubin Report and other conservative financed programs, and those with financial backing make their own money selling merchandise and books.  They go hand in hand.

What Can We Do About It?

The best thing we can do right now is to keep talking about it.  Today, truth is more important than ever, and when people can make a comfortable living distorting the truth and changing the opinions and minds of our friends and families, it has a devastating ripple effect across our personal, professional, and societal relationships.  That’s why Grftr.News exists—to be an outlet that stands against the conmen and conwomen of alternative media.

The second best thing you can do is donate to our Patreon and enable us to continue bringing you the latest and greatest in articles, dunks, and memes about our favorite right-wing swindlers.

Welcome to Grftr!

Hi! Welcome to Grftr.

We are a new start-up bran…. nah lmao despite our name we’re definitely not some weird new tech start-up. I’m just a dude who got tired of Tim Pool’s constant barrage of terrible content and wanted to do something about it.

There are lots of excellent accounts on Youtube, left twitter, and random blogs scattered around the internet who have done some great work debunking, criticising, or making fun of online grifters but so far I don’t believe there is a single source which consistently and exclusively focuses on Tim Pool. And the RationalWiki article about Tim Pool which gives the best introductory overview of Pool is impressive but also very lacking. I want to help chance both these things.

I hope to help change these things. Together with your help, I want us to make this site into a resource to help combat grifters who are endangering our political processes, families, health, and safety starting with Tim Pool.

Why Tim?

According to our research, Tim Pool appears to be the most viewed rightwing Youtuber. Although established rightwing brands such as Fox News still beat him on view counts he absolutely dominates his competition in the alternative media sphere beating out the likes of Ben Shapiro, Prager U, Steven Crowder and more by tens of millions of monthly views. Pool also makes thousands of dollars from his daily live streams and channel sponsors – not to mention any advertising revenue he makes from adverts on his videos.

In July 2019 Tim Pool was invited to visit the White House by Donald Trump and Pool has also quizzed Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast – the biggest podcast in the world. Despite all this Pool has received little critical attention. We hope to change this and aim to bring you hard-hitting criticism, debunkings, and discussions about Pool, his work, and his influence.

What are my goals?

Well, firstly they’re not my goals. Ok yeah, technically they are mine right now but I hope they become yours too! I want this website to be collaboration (because I’m too busy and um…. lazy to do this by myself) between all those who are critical of Tim Pool.

As a result, I aim to provide a platform which has two key roles: dissemination of useful material and fostering community. On the first front, I hope for us to collaboratively create a list of resources helping to combat grifters and help convert their fans. These resources could include exposé’s, debunkings, criticism, dunks, etc.. little is off-limits. I also aim to produce and perhaps eventually commission original reporting and analysis. Part of this websites efforts will involve creating ‘fact sheets’ about selected grifters and links to external content debunking, criticising, or dunking on them – starting with Tim Pool.

On the second front, I have created a forum to help bring people together to discuss grifters, their supporters, and the harm they’re both causing. I also envisage that people will be able to promote their content and help reach new audiences on there too. Right now there are only three forums while I start to understand how this all works. I have no experience with any of this so please be patient.

How can I help?

You need no previous experience with… well anything but if you’re a journalist, content producer, expert in a specific field, techy person, editor (of any medium), podcaster etc… we’d be delighted to chat with you – particularly if you are planning on producing content about Tim Pool or if you know him personally

We are still in the very early stages of this process and will definitely experience teething problems so please be gentle and forgiving.

You can get in touch either via DMing us on twitter @TimPoolClips or contacting us via the contact form on our site.

If you want to help this site financially you can donate to our Patreon: Patreon.com/TimPoolClips

Ok that’s enough for now. Go get yourself a glass of water. Oh also check out our forum(s) and our list of Tim Pool critiques from external sources.